The BEST Tools for Managing Modern Stress, Overwhelm, and Burnout

Recorded On: 10/15/2020

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Modern day life seems more stressful than ever. When stress increases, and our coping resources can’t keep up with the stressful demands, overwhelm and burnout can happen. This presentation provides an overview of the foundations of stress and outlines the mental and physical effects of stress. We will also cover the potential benefits of stress and the personality characteristics that lead to overwhelm and burnout. The second half of the presentation focuses on practical strategies to reduce and manage stress using my BEST format.

Kelly Donahue, PhD

Holistic Health Psychologist, Speaker, Author

Dr. Kelly Donahue is a clinical health psychologist, coach, and mind-body change expert. Her private psychology practice, established more than 12 years ago, specializes in the areas of anxiety, stress, depression, weight loss, behavior change, and health issues. She is passionate about empowering people to practice essential self-care strategies that nourish the body and mind so that her clients, including working moms, executives, health care providers, and empty-nesters can achieve their optimal health. She received her MA and PhD in clinical psychology and behavioral medicine from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Her training includes mind-body medicine, coaching, integrative mental health, and holistic nutrition. Dr. Donahue worked in public health for the U.S. Army for many years, spending one of those years as a psychologist and resiliency trainer for health care providers at a military hospital in Germany. Dr. Donahue is the author of Everyday Self-Care: Your Proven, Holistic Guide to Feeling Better and the co-creator of The Healthy Change School. Dr. Donahue has published her research in peer-reviewed journals as well as in the popular press. She has created a series of courses to support making healthy changes for mind and body (e.g., weight loss, anxiety, sleep) in her online school, The Healthy Change School. Dr. Donahue loves spending time outside, reading, and traveling.


The BEST Tools for Managing Modern Stress, Overwhelm, and Burnout
Open to view video.
Open to view video. A general session from the 46th Annual NSH Symposium/Convention.
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