Mortui Vivos Docent - COVID-19 Autopsy Case Review

Recorded On: 10/15/2020

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Mortui Vivos Docent  - The dead teach the living - in this case review of 2 Covid-19 autopsy reports from The University of Vermont Medical Center. We will review the clinical background as well as the autopsy findings. Histological slides will be shown and reviewed.

Valerie Cortright


Valerie Cortright is currently serving as the Histology and Surg Path Supervisor at the University of Vermont Medical Center. She has over 15 years of both clinical and research Histology. Val is currently a committee member with the NSH/CAP HQIP, and has been a grader for the past couple of years. Val is a long time member of the NSH, and has served on the VT/NH Society for many years.

Sharon Mount

Director of Autopsy Service


Mortui Vivos Docent - COVID-19 Autopsy Case Review
Open to view video.
Open to view video. Objectives: Summarize the complexities of covid 19 infection pathophysiology; Recognize the importance of autopsy; Appreciate the need for good histology in defining features of new entities
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