If I Only Had a Brain (CNS/PNS)

Recorded On: 09/23/2020

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This presentation will address the structure (both macroscopically and microscopically) and function of the CNS (brain, spinal cord and nerve) and the stains used in the histology laboratory. A discussion about pathology and diseases involving these tissues in the current news.

CEUs: This histology course is worth 1 continuing education credit. Course is available for 365 days from date of purchase. 

Donna Chuddley, HT(ASCP

Histology Supervisor

Donna Chuddley is the Histology Supervisor at St. Luke's University Health Network.  She has over three decades of experience in pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical histology. Donna enjoys participating on the Health and Safety Committee and has presented in the past on Safety in webinars, Safely Snippets and at Regional and National Meetings. Donna has experience in the laboratory working with paraffin tissue and plastics. Donna has experience in all areas of the laboratory including Immunohistochemistry and Special Stains. Donna enjoys moving new students through the Histology programs offered online and acts as a Supervisor for the Histology Education program at the hospital.  She is an active member of the NSH. 

Deloris Carter

Consultant - Travelling Technician

Deloris Carter is a travelling histotechnician that works throughout the country, including St. Luke's Hospital.  She has previously worked in clinical settings as well as pharma and research settings.  Deloris enjoys knitting, crocheting, crafts and spending time with her husband, 6 daughters, 8 grandchildren, and her hedgehog Hank in Missouri when not on assignment. 


If I Only Had a Brain (CNS/PNS)
Open to view video.
Open to view video. Objectives: Examine anatomy of the Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System; Focus on the histological structures and the Special Stains learned for the BOR examination; Address IHC antibodies used; and Discuss the diseases affecting the CNS and PNS in known celebrities
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1.00 CEUs credit  |  Certificate available