Biological Stain Commission Certification Endorsement of Histological Stains

Recorded On: 10/15/2020

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The Biological Stain Commission (BSC) has been involved in the histological applications of stains since the First World War.  During this time, a group of scientists, societies and government agencies got together to form an organization to deal with the standardization of histological stains.  The Biological Stain commission was formed in 1923 from this effort.  The BSC as an organization is comprised of an online journal, an assay laboratory and a group of staining specialists in the field of chemistry and histology of stains and dyes.  The Biotechnic and Histochemistry journal has been published for almost 100 year, which has published information concerning new and improved uses for biological staining with dyes and related histochemical techniques in our peer-reviewed PubMed indexed journal.  The BSC group of specialists are well versed, educated, and published in the field of chemistry and histology of stains and dyes.

What does it mean when a histological stain is sold as certified? The Biological Stain Commission is most well-know for the BSC Assay Laboratory, which is the single source for certifications of Histological Stains throughout North America.  The process of certifying a histological stain is more involved than most realize. While the BSC Certification process has been standardized, the growth and changes in companies selling histological stains has changed drastically.  The BSC Assay Laboratory has had to change the way they monitor and track the status of a BSC Certified stain throughout its life-cycle.  Through this monitoring, the end user of these stains can be assured that the histological stain they purchased is guaranteed as BSC Certified.  Using the BSC quality system is also a great measure to peak into the quality systems of manufacturers, distributors and vendors of histological stains that laboratories use to purchase their materials from.

CEUs: This histology course is worth 1 continuing education credit. Course is available for 365 days from date of purchase. 

Chad Fagan

Technician Associate

University of Rochester Medical Center

Chad Fagan has been the Assay Laboratory Manager for the Biological Stain Commission since 2007.  His responsibilities include all day-to-day laboratory operations, managing laboratory materials and inventory, as well as the financial aspects of the laboratory.  The day-to-day operations include all chemistry and histological testing for the Certification of biological stains.  Prior to this position, Mr. Fagan worked for two FDA audited pharmaceutical companies; J&J and Wyeth.  His earlier experience at Wyeth focused on Pre-Phase 1 early vaccine candidate identification.  At J&J, Chad was part of an assay development team focused on integrating assays on a chemistry testing platform.  In this element, these assays were developed, analyzed, reported and documented using an FDA audited system.


Biological Stain Commission Certification Endorsement of Histological Stains
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Open to view video. Objectives: Understand what the term "certified" means. Understand what the Biological Stain Commission does? Apply the BSC quality system for BSC Certified stains to scientific vendors.
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