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Education & Training Resources to help you upskill your knowledge and technical expertise in the lab.

  • Xylene Free Tissue Processing Webinar
    Presented by: Polina Aukon, BS, Midwestern University, Glendale, AZ This webinar aims to shed more light on a not-so-traditional approach to processing. It will review real case study of the decision and use of xylene free tissue processing using isopropyl on a conventional processor at Midwestern University. Original Air Date - 2018
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  • Biopsy Protocol that Eliminates Soaking (Webinar)
    Presented by: Priscilla Garcia, HT(ASCP),QIHC(ASCP), Miraca Life Sciences, Irving, TX Over-processing of biopsy specimens in histology is a common obstacle that has a downstream effect on section quality, IHC and TAT. This webinar will discuss a 3 month project, triggered by an article in the NSH Journal of Histotechnology that used a 30 minute protocol, using 3000 GI samples to see if this could be implemented. This resulted in a dramatic absence of section shattering (little or no soak), sharper IHC and FISH quality and substantial decrease in TAT. Original Air Date - 2018
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  • Safely Managing Flammable Materials in the Laboratory (Webinar)
    Presented By: Maureen Doran, MS, HTL(ASCP), Saffron Scientific Histology Services, Carbondale, IL Fire and explosion hazards of flammable and combustible materials exist in histology laboratories. The safe handling of these materials requires an understanding of the hazards and procedures needed to minimize the risk. This presentation will discuss the OSHA, NFPA and EPA guidelines used for defining and classifying flammable/combustible materials. These guidelines will help define the storage and dispensing requirements for our facilities. Safety precautions that include PPE, engineering controls, disposal and emergency procedures will be discussed. Original Air Date - 2018
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  • It’s Just a Hematoxylin and Eosin Stain, Why is It So Hard to Get Right? (Webinar)
    Presented By: Debra Siena, HT(ASCP),QIHC, Stat Lab Medical Products, McKinney, TX This webinar will review the basic principles and guidelines for proper Hematoxylin and Eosin Staining so that when or if things go awry the techs will not be pulling their hair out but will be able to confidently and quickly get to the bottom of the issue. A brief history of H&E will be covered; a look into what pre-analytical processes could affect the H&E stain; and review some Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures that will enable the laboratory to consistently deliver the highest quality H&E stain on a daily basis. Original Air Date - 2018
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  • Analyzing Tumor Cells for PD-L1 by IHC (Webinar)
    Presented By: Sherita Meyer-Gausen, MD Anderson Cancer Center PD-L1 is a protein that allows some cells to escape an attack by the immune system. Analyzing tumor cells for PD-L1 by IHC helps determine if patients will benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitors. This webinar will discuss this protein and will include IHC technique, clinical features, challenges and issues. Original Air Date - 2018
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