The Pitfalls of Over-Engineering: Recognizing and Rectifying The Problems We Created 

Recorded On: 07/14/2020

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Over-engineering is a term commonly used in software development to describe programs that include unnecessary elements which create complications for end users. However, the term can also be applied to other fields of work. Laboratories require systems to manage everything from bench procedures to personnel policies, as well as tools to support and maintain them. Too often, cumbersome tools are not user-friendly and systems can fall apart or at best, become underutilized. In worst case scenarios, over-engineering can be a catalyst for purposely completing tasks improperly. This presentation explores what happens when good intentions create tools and processes that are difficult to follow or include unnecessary work for end users.

Attendees will explore multiple real world examples of over-engineering and its consequences before learning was to design efficient, and correct inefficient, processes and tools. Examples will include situations related to documentation, management of personnel and operational workflows, and provide commentary on the perspectives of both laboratory leaders and staff. 

CEUs: This histology course is worth 1 continuing education credit. Course is available for 365 days from date of purchase.

A. Danielle Johnsrud, MBA, HTL

Assistant Supervisor

Ms. Johnsrud has worked in Histology at Mayo Clinic Rochester since 2008 and have held almost every role in the lab, including Lab Assistant, HT, HTL, Grossing Tech and is currently one of three Assistant Supervisors. During this time, she has completed her Bachelors degree and MBA-Healthcare Management. Since 2014, she has partnered with the lab's Education Specialist to facilitate a mentorship program for staff who want to complete/present posters or workshops at the NSH Annual Symposium. To date, she has also facilitated three workshops at NSH and presented one poster. 


The Pitfalls of Over-Engineering: Recognizing and Rectifying The Problems We Created
Open to view video.
Open to view video. Objectives: 1. Define and provide examples of over-engineering; 2. Correlate noncompliance to policies/procedures with over-engineered tools/processes; 3. Identify techniques to prevent and correct over-engineering.
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1.00 CEUs credit  |  Certificate available