Can the Use of the More Esoteric Antibodies Aid in Optimizing the Diagnosis for the Patient?

Recorded On: 07/16/2020

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Many Histology labs today also include Immunohistochemistry as an essential part of surgical pathology. However, the use of the more esoteric antibodies are often left to a larger lab for several reasons; some include validation time, tech experience and tech time setting up the new antibodies, cost.  But is this optimal for the patient? Utilizing more esoteric antibodies one can better diagnosis subtle differences between a disease process such as an inflammatory process, versus an autoimmune disease versus a carcinoma. Locating a source for the esoteric antibodies can be challenging. Which clone or polyclonal do I choose? Various other analytic considerations are; titer, pretreatment, protocol, the chromogen. To. Prior to the test going ‘Live’, positive controls will be needed and the technologists performing the test will need to sign off on the test. Some of these antibodies are CXCR5, Carbonic anhydrase, NKX3.1, Olig 2, and IMP3. This workshop will consist of the technical aspects as well as the interpretive views and experience of the pathologist.

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Research Development


Sheron Lear is with CPA Lab in Research Development and Education. She is passionate about histology and IHC are her passion and love. She is currently working with mRNA ISH as well as several new antibodies for use in the IHC lab.  She is a well known presenter and teacher, and she is often teaching the team at CPA and anyone who wants to expand their knowledge in histology and IHC. Troubleshooting issues that arise are another of her interests. With over 57 continuous years in the profession, she still loves new challenges.

Sameer Talwalkar, MD

Hematopathologist and Medical Director


Dr. Talwalkar is the Hematopathologist and Medical Director, of Molecular Diagnostics Norton Healthcare (CPA Lab).  After receiving his medical degree in 2001 he was a research fellow at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai India, at the USC Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles, and at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston TX.  He also did a residency at University of Louisville Hospital and fellowship at MD Anderson and the University of Pittsburgh.  


Can the Use of the More Esoteric Antibodies Aid in Optimizing the Diagnosis for the Patient?
Open to view video.
Open to view video. Objectives: • Become more proficient in choosing the correct antibody for the testing; • Reinforce the need to training of personnel and controls needed to perform tests; • Considerations when optimizing antibodies.
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