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Management Resources help with tasks such as budgeting, scheduling, lab safety, competency assessment and ensuring your lab meets quality standards; all of which are important for running an efficient and successful laboratory.

  • Poster Podcast (2016): P-17 Pregnancy in the Histology Laboratory- A Review of Safety Considerations
    Katelin Tellechea The purpose of this study is to review published articles, regulatory recommendations, and anecdotal evidence with the intention of providing a complete education for safety in the Histology Laboratory while pregnant. It shall encourage labs to provide their technicians with protocols or direct access to the information regarding the manner in which pregnancy alters their work environment. When a Histotechnologist intends on working throughout her pregnancy, what kinds of changes does she need to make in the lab? Are there different regulations and permissible exposure limits for the duration of her pregnancy? Do personal protective equipment requirements change? Do supervisors and physicians have ready access to regulations and recommendations to ensure they are providing the safest environment for their pregnant workers? This study aims to provide a comprehensive evaluation of these concerns to ensure proper modifications are implemented regarding the safety of a pregnant worker in the Histology Laboratory. From The Oregon Clinic Gastroenterology Contact: ktellechea@orclinic.com
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  • Preparing a Quality Management Plan for the Histopathology Laboratory Webinar
    Developing and executing a well-designed quality plan for the histology laboratory is essential in today’s health care market. Due to more stringent regulatory oversight and the high cost of re-work, labs can no longer procrastinate starting a Quality Management plan. Once established the plans must be continually monitored and revised as to not become stagnant or simply busy work. In this webinar we will explore how to establish a quality plan and how to keep it meaningful and alive to meet the needs of today’s managed health environment.
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  • Patient-Centric Histology: Efficient and Effective Workflow Webinar
    This webinar will help you identify, manage and improve the key metrics in your histology laboratory based on best practices and patient-centric care. Furthermore the workshop will provide you with tools to help you recognize bottlenecks in your laboratory, as well as design and implement countermeasures to be able to meet your service standards. We will conclude by discussing what is the best way to get frontline personnel involved to drive meaningful change and successful outcomes.
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  • Formalin Safety: Facts & Fiction Webinars
    This webinar will present a comprehensive overview of safe practices for handling formalin in histology laboratories. Guidelines from the formaldehyde standard will be used determine potential hazards. Hazard assessment, exposure monitoring, appropriate work practices and personal protective equipment will be covered. Disposal procedures, problems and options will be discussed.
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  • Select Agent & Toxins Use in Diagnostic/Clinical Labs
    Select Agent & Toxins Use in Diagnostic/Clinical Labs
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